Mind Your Mental Health Book

Mind Your Mental Health Book

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What lessons are learned when you go from a breakdown to a major breakthrough and experienced major mental growth as well?

Twenty-one phenomenal, accomplished women share their vivid, empowering, and emotional stories of facing various life challenges that significantly impacted their emotional health. They also share the authentic lessons they learned from dealing with those challenges and how they found inner healing and a greater sense of peace.

Through honest and engaging dialogue, these women are slaying common stigmas associated with mental health. How do you know when it's time to seek help? How can you recover from depression, grief, anxiety, job stress, relationship woes, and more?

In Mind Your Mental Health, 21 women speak their truth, share nuggets of wisdom and discuss how they grew from their experiences through faith, family, friends, fitness, and therapy.

Read more about the authors at https://jocelyngavinlane.com/mind-your-mental-health/

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